Instagram Faves!


Social media has been a major contributor to bringing in my clientele & it keeps me up to date on what is trending. I post selfies, quotes, and my work so far!


My Go-To on Makeup



Jacyln Hill is my make up instagram go-to. Check out her youtube page - 

Beware you will want to buy new makeup immediately!


Fashion Icon


Blaireadiebee is my fashion icon for many reasons. take a look at her feed and you will instantly press the follow button. her style is an inspiration & I love trying to recreate her looks.

So far I have only found one picture where she is not wearing glasses.


Hair Color Inspiration


Johnny Ramirez is a hair color GOD! If I could assist any one once I get my cosmetology license it would be him.


Local Accessory Queen


My friend Kat Lim is an upcoming designer who makes beautiful handmade accessories. Please check out her site at You won''t be disappointed!


Up Do Goddess



When I'm feeling stuck on what to do next as far as an updo/style @amberfillerup is a WONDERFUL go-to. I don't know how she does it, I try and try to recreate her looks and only get a so-so result! Hair Goals!


Thank You for taking the time to read my first post!  - KO